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Book by 31 Jan 2017 for travel by 31 Dec 2018 and receive FREE CAMPING!

For most people, The White Continent is a once-in-a-lifetime destination – often, the final continent to notch off one’s bucket list. Antarctica’s landscape is one of indescribable beauty – a vast expanse of glistening glaciers, gargantuan icebergs and hundreds of rugged islands inhabited by raucous penguins, lumbering seals and a spectacular diversity of birdlife. As it is completely unlike any other destination on earth, the key to an enjoyable Antarctica cruise is choosing the right ship and itinerary.

G Adventures specialises in intimate expeditions on a spacious small ship – the G Expedition – designed for speed, safety and stability, all vital for a comfortable voyage in unforgiving Antarctic waters. Refurbished in 2009, the G Expedition holds just 134 passengers in ocean-facing ensuite cabins, with comfortable shared areas and an experienced crew attuned to the exacting demands of polar travel. The vessel’s slim profile allows for more frequent landings, while a fleet of onboard Zodiacs provide passengers with the ability to explore the shoreline.

Amongst the most popular itineraries is the 21 day Spirit of Shackleton, a journey which sheds light on the life of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton, stopping at sites that featured in his exploits such as the wildlife-rich Falkland Islands, as well as his final resting place. Visit abandoned whaling stations, walk amongst huge colonies of king penguins and look for leopard, crabeater and Weddell seals on the Antarctic Peninsula’s frigid, rocky shores.

Another is the 14 day Quest for the Antarctic Circle, which takes you as far south as conditions allow, navigating colossal icebergs with whales and albatross trailing in your wake. The goal on this trip is to cross the polar circle, something few travellers have ever done.

Bear in mind that Antarctica is still very much an adventure destination, and itineraries are indicative only – entirely dictated by prevailing weather and ice conditions. Two add-on activities that we highly recommend you pre-book include kayaking, for a really close look at your natural environment, and camping.


Book your trip by 31 January 2017 for travel by 31 December 2018 and you’ll receive a free camping trip on your tour – this is a truly special experience that allows you to spend a night ashore, falling asleep to the sounds of crashing waves and groaning ice. Conditions apply.

To book your Antarctica expedition, contact us on 1300 363 302.

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