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A Feast for the Senses

Aside from flavourful cuisine, India has a non-stop calendar of colourful celebrations throughout the year honouring epic stories, religion, the moon and so much more. Below is a calendar of major events for the next 12 months, all of them a spectacle to behold and well worth planning a trip around.

TIP: Festive periods in India often mean that accommodation and flights are sold out months in advance so we recommend that you plan ahead and book early. Contact our consultants on 1300 363 302 for a personalised India itinerary today. 

30 Oct 2016: Diwali, ‘Festival of Light’

The biggest holiday of the year, equivalent to Christmas.
Best place to be: Anywhere in India


8-15 Nov 2016: Pushkar Camel Fair

A 5 day livestock fair on the banks of sacred Pushkar Lake.
Best place to be: Pushkar


15 Dec 2016 -09 Jan 2017: Madras Music Season

One of the subcontinent’s largest cultural events with daily concerts.
Best place to be: Chennai

12-15 Jan 2017: Pongal

A 4 day harvest festival with bonfires and cattle races.
Best place to be: Tamil Nadu


8-10 Feb 2017: Jaisalmer Desert Festival

A showcase of all things Rajasthani, from camel polo to turban-tying contests.
Best place to be: Jaisalmer


13 Mar 2017: Holi

India’s best known festival characterised by vibrant colour.
Best place to be: Anywhere in India


30 Mar 2017: Gangaur

An ancient celebration of marital bliss with elaborate processions.
Best place to be: Jaipur


3 Mar 2017: Ganga Dussehra

An auspicious day to bathe in the River Ganges.
Best place to be: Any city on the banks of the Ganges


21-22 Jul 2017: Karsha Gustor

Masked dances in the most important monastery in Zanskar.
Best place to be: Zanskar


15 Aug 2017: Independence Day

Kite flying and a flag hoisting ceremony.
Best place to be: Delhi


25 Aug 2017: Ganesh Chaturthi

A 10 day birthday bash for elephant-headed Lord Ganesha
Best place to be: Mumbai


26-30 Sep 2017: Durga Puja

Worship of the Goddess Durga, with street carnivals to see.
Best place to be: Kolkata

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