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Remembering Machali

India’s Most Famous Tiger

In 1997, a tiger cub was born in Ranthambore who would go on to become the most photographed wild tiger in the world. Machali inherited her mother’s name – which means “fish” in Hindi – as both tigresses bore a mark shaped like one on their faces.

Over the years, Machali carved out her territory, eventually enjoying the largest home range in Ranthambore encompassing the park’s three lakes. During her long life, she starred in various documentaries as did many of her offspring, many who have since grown up and successfully raised their own cubs.

Our team at NFS and many of our clients encountered Machali numerous times over the past 15 years and we’ve also featured stunning portraits of her family in our India publications. Machali’s progeny today comprise a significant portion of the park’s tiger population – we hope they enjoy the same longevity as their famous grandmother. RIP Machali.

I Saw You,
Did You See Me?

Inspired by her experience on the “Taj, Temples and Tigers” tour in 2016, below is an excerpt of a beautiful poem written by NFS client Maureen Kerr, dedicated to the wildlife and guides that made her trip so memorable.

Tiger, I’m looking for you
Can you see me? I cannot see you.

My camera’s quest to capture you in my lens seems
to drift away.
Still in the forest, our guides tell us to watch and wait;
In silence we sit looking through the golden grass;
Everything is still, not even a breeze.

Then! Do you see her tail?
I look but cannot see.
The golden grass slowly parted, then she appeared,
walking very slowly.
What a wondrous sight!
She came so close to us I could scarcely breathe,
Those magnificent paws, those powerful soft steps;
She strolled so slowly across the road, then stopped
as if to smell the air,
Her head turned so slightly; I felt our eyes meet,
In a tiny moment she seemed to say:
I SEE YOU, now can you SAVE ME.

A few places remain on our ‘”Taj, Temples & Tigers” small group tour escorted by our very own General Manager Anne-Marie Zambelli. Departing 07 February 2017, this tour includes 14 safaris in Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Ranthambore national parks for the best chance of seeing a Bengal tiger in the wild. Please click here for more information.

All participants have the opportunity to contribute $8 (or more) that NFS will match dollar for dollar. Proceeds go directly to India’s Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) whose initiatives support the protection of these magnificent felines. 

Call 1300 363 302 to reserve your place today or click here to contact us.

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